Credit Card Skimmers Discovered In Houston Area: What To Look Out For

Several devices were found near West Little York on the north side of Houston according to Houston Police. Local Houston authorities are warning users about the skimmers found and what to look out for. 

One thing is to look and see if the card scanner has been tampered with. If you see anything suspicious like a loose part report it to the gas station management immediately. The best way possible to avoid your card being stolen is by pumping gas at the pump closest to the store, if you can see a store clerk from where you are, then the chances of you being scammed are likely to go down. Gas pumps at the very back are more vulnerable than well in sight ones. The last thing and most importantly is keep your receipt and look out for any suspicious activity in your bank account. As soon as you see something strange, report it to your bank and be prepared to show proof of purchase.


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