Weather hype: TV news goes full blown Armageddon mode

If you watch the nightly network news this week, you might think it’s ‘Weather Armageddon.’

The nightly news on more than one network this week led with packages of four or five stories about extreme weather across the country, whether it was heat or flooding. And they used all the tricks to make you scared. Urgent music. Witnesses telling scary stories. It was all there.

Eric Berger with Space City Weather tells KTRH the popularity of the Weather Channel is a big reason for this.

“They have known for a while that weather is something people are interested in. Stations have put a lot of money into having weather forecasters on staff and promoting them. They are at the top of the news, because the weather affects everyone,” Berger explained.

And of course the news always tells you to hydrate, and other sensible things you should already know. So why do they do that?

“To some extent the TV stations are doing their best to echo the message from the National Weather Service. They are partners with them,” Berger said, adding he doesn't feel that he has to tell you things you already know.

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