Liberals upset former intel officials could lose clearance

The left has been in full throated meltdown mode this week after it was confirmed that President Trump is considering stripping the security clearance from former intelligence officials like ex-CIA Director John Brennan.

But former FBI Deputy Assistant Director Danny Coulson says this has happened before, and recently, too, with Andrew McCabe. He tells KTRH News the President would be well within his rights to do so.

“He’s the ultimate authority for our government and he can do that,” Coulson stated.

There is also the issue of why former intelligence officials would still need to have this kind of clearance. Coulson says in a lot of cases it does make sense.

“In my case, when I left I did government contract work. So the clearance was needed,” Coulson said.

As for the decision to take this clearance away, Texas Senator Ted Cruz told Fox he'd be okay with it.

“It doesn’t help when you have someone like John Brennan, who is screaming that the President committed treason,” Cruz explained, adding that Brennan should be “demonstrating some restraint.”

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