Mainstream media no longer trying to hide their agenda for Trump

Well, at least the mainstream media is finally admitting they are on a mission against President Trump.

That mission, according to Slate's Jemelle Bouie, is to fracture the Trump base. Michael Johns co-founded the National Tea Party movement and says this change from journalist to activist that we've seen these last few years took a while, but the seeds were always there.

“We’ve gone from having journalists with a progressive bend to having progressives having a journalist bend,” Johns explained.

Back when he served in the George H.W. Bush White House, Johns says things were different than they are now.

“The assessment of success is not their ability to report news objectively, but to advance an advance an agenda, Johns stated.

And Fox's Britt Hume says everything Trump says or does today is an 'emergency.'

“We now inhabit an age of exaggeration. Everybody goes to battle stations and Defcon One over everything,” Hume said, adding that the competition between media outlets plays a role in all of this too.

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