Security Alert for US Government Workers in Ciudad Juarez


Another twelve people were murdered in Ciudad Juarez over the weekend, just days after the U.S. Consulate there issued a security alert to federal employees and tourists to take precaution.

There were 179 homicides in Juarez just in the month of June.

The border town is a popular weekend destination for those living and working in El Paso, but now U.S. government personnel especially are being told not to go downtown without first receiving permission.

“When you start talking about people decapitated and heads being found along the side of the road, or other individuals being kidnapped, clearly that strikes a nerve with anyone wanting to visit Mexico at this time,” says Dr. Alex del Carmen, criminologist at Tarleton State University.

“The perception now is the violence that has been prevailing over Mexico is now nearing those areas that are tourist areas and mostly occupied by Americans.”

It's the latest in a string of travel warnings and advisories for Americans headed to Mexico.

“Do your research and if you do decide to go to Mexico be cautious and situationally aware of where your are, and make sure you have a plan of action as to letting your loved ones know where you are at all times,” says Del Carmen.

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