POLL: Democrats talk impeachment, but it might only be talk

The issue if impeachment when it comes to President Donald Trump is popping up again.

It’s mostly being done by Democratic lawmakers on the extreme left side of the party. It’s also being done by Democratic candidates facing uphill battles in their races.

For instance, Beto O'Rourke, who is challenging Ted Cruz for his Senate seat, has talked about it. It's sort of a litmus test for Democratic candidates, but Houston Republican strategist Jessica Colon told KTRH it's really not likely to happen.

“They are playing a risky game. The Republican approval rating for President Trump is at 90%. There will be incredible backlash against the Democrats,” Colon explained.

And that is why you see establishment Democrats calling talk of impeachment a 'distraction.'

“It’s just another radical idea that Democrats want to throw at this midterm election and beyond,” Colon stated.

Which O'Rourke has been doing for months; at first because he believes the President obstructed justice. But his most recent impeachment comments came after the Helsinki Summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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