Baby Boomers and Millennials Want to Buy the Same House!

For different reasons these two groups are looking to move into the same type of home.  Something that's not too big, with an office, fewer single-purpose rooms (like a formal dining room) and not much maintenance.

Baby Boomers have raised their kids in the biggest house they could afford. They’re ready now to get rid of a lot of their stuff, sell the house and move into a smaller home with fewer rooms – but it needs an office – and a smaller mortgage payment and far less maintenance.”

Scott Davis with Meyers Research says Millennials want the same thing but with a twist.

“They want it to be close to work!”

Both groups are interested in the tax benefits ownership provides, but without a huge price tag. Davis says, “Boomers may have already paid off their big house – and they want to get the tax break back.”

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