Are the Robots Really Taking Over?!?

Many people in America think that Artificial Intelligence could be taking over our jobs and our lives. Steven White of Houston Technology Center and LeanMastery says we're still pretty safe. 

“Repeated tasks that are menial in nature could be taken over by robots, but tasks that are creative, original and require human innovation are tasks that will never be taken over by Artificial Intelligence.”

White says that maybe some of us put too much faith the advancement of A.I just because Siri and Alexa can answer some basic questions in a pleasant woman's voice. Remember-Someone always has to write the code!  White also shares with us something of a disturbing nature,“As a father of an 8 and 10 year old, it does bother me that to compete in the future they will have a technical merge - to have some sort of sensory input surgically implanted in their brain. I don’t think anyone one alive right now could come up with that yet, though!” 

He’s joking…right?

 Stephen White is also involved with Houston Lean Start Up Circle.

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