The next Prescription Drug Crisis may already be here

Bottles of prescription pills go through

Experts say anxiety drugs like Xanax are over-prescribed, addictive and deadly if abused. Fortunately, there are anxiety alternatives.

Dr. Austin Lin is an addiction psychiatrist with McGovern Medical School at Houston's UT Health.

"The problem with these medications, like opiates, is that people can develop a physical dependence on them."

Dr. Lin says there are non-addictive anti-depressants you can take or -- take no drugs at all. 

"Psychotherapy; meeting with a therapist on a weekly basis, learning better and healthier ways to cope with your anxiety."

Dr. Lin says if you are on Xanax, or a drug like it, don't quit cold turkey; wean yourself off it slowly.

"If you are someone who is prescribed that you should very gradually taper off with the guidance of your physician and do it over time, there's not necessarily a big rush to get off of it because that can be even more detrimental."

Dr. Lin says anxiety drugs are over prescribed, just as in the opiate crisis.

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