Parents raising kids not as boys or girls, but ‘theybies’

It’s the latest trend in uber-liberal parenting. Letting the children decide what gender they are.

This is real and it is happening. These kids are called theybies. There are people who like this, people like liberal commentator Cathy Arue on Fox News.

“The labels are gone. You’re not going to put that outside influence on a child. You’re going to be neutral,” Arue explained. “It’s about allowing the baby to decide what gender it wants to be when that baby can decide, which is around four years old.”

There is pushback on this idea of raising children as ‘theybies.’ Political analyst Jacquie Baly tells KTRH her kids didn't get to make those decisions, and they grew up just fine.

“There were rules they had to abide by. I, as the parent and as the adult, made those decisions,” Baly said.

And she adds that this kind of idea could only come from the political left.

“They are saying they are the new mainstream for the Democratic Party. These kinds of things should not surprise us,” Baly stated.

There is a Facebook community for these 'theybies' which currently has over 200 members in it.

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