Are there warning signs for the stock market?

The stock market continues to produce good results for investors. The Dow is just above 25,000 as trading opens later this morning on Wall Street. But, that doesn’t mean some market analysts don’t have their concerns about what the future might hold.

There are some analysts worried that the bull market that started in March of 2009 will keep running through next year and beyond that. Financial planner Andy Smith, who hosts Investing Sense here on KTRH, says one factor in this is the trade war.

“Any trade war isn’t going to be a fun thing,” Smith said. “But it’s not necessarily going to be as bad as some in the media are trying to say.”

Speaking of the mainstream media, you can expect them to jump all over this. Smith says be aware, but don’t let the media drive what you do when it comes to your investments.

“You always need to be aware of what the issues are. It’s really the sign of disaster when you let the media trade your portfolio,” Smith stated.

The other factors some market analysts worry about when it comes to the end of this run include inflation, and the debt some major corporations are racking up.

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