Republicans attacking Trump; but Democrats wouldn’t attack their own

Donald Trump Delivers Address To Joint Session Of Congress

It was a rough week for the President, who has had to deal with the fallout from the meeting he held with Vladimir Putin of Russia in Helsinki on Monday. And that fallout is something you never see coming from Democrats.

Republicans have come out of the woodwork to attack Trump this week.  Democrats may have issues, but they present a united front. Debbie Dooley, a Trump supporter with the Main Street Patriots, told KTRH this is because the establishment still does not accept Trump.

“It means money coming in. They do not want us to get along with Putin because Russia has been the boogeyman for them for as long as I can remember,” Dooley explained. “Trump comes in and tries to change the status quo. The People that benefit from the status quo are the ones that are going to push back against it.”

And because of that, she says, the establishment is in danger of losing power.

“Republicans that trash our President do so at their own political peril,” she stated.

Dooley told KTRH News that if a Republican is a Never Trumper, she won't vote for them, even in the general election, and says she's not alone, which means Republicans could lose control of one of the houses in Congress in November.

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