PODCAST: Non-citizens can vote in California, Democrats not upset

Democrats are losing their collective minds over Russian interference in the 2016 election, but they don’t say a word about other non-citizens who actually get to vote in American elections.

This hasn't happened in Texas, but in California; San Francisco to be exact, undocumented immigrants are registering to vote in local elections. J. Christian Adams of the Public Interest Legal Foundation tells KTRH this is also happening in other places, too.

“Most Maryland cities around Washington already allow aliens to vote. They have been allowed to vote in Chicago school board elections for a very long time,” Adams explained.

And he says that this is the true meddling with American elections, not what may or may not have happened with Russia.

“Foreigners are registered to vote because of broken motor laws that aren’t catching aliens. This is the real foreign influence in our elections,” Adams said.

Earlier this year Adams and his organization sued Harris County for not disclosing noncitizen registered voter records as required under federal law.

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