The immigration scandal that’s flying under the radar

You’ve heard about DACA. You’ve heard about ‘catch and release.’ Amnesty has been a big topic of conversation, and the mainstream media has been talking constantly about children being separated from their parents at the border over the last couple of months.

But, it’s what you aren’t hearing that should probably have you concerned.

Former immigration judge and federal prosecutor Mark Metcalf says this is all about what's happening once illegal aliens are told to appear in court. Or rather, what isn't happening. They are not appearing.

“The failure to appear rates in immigration courts have crossed one million people over the last 22 years,” Metcalf told KTRH News.

On top of that, Metcalf says the courts themselves have not told Congress, and that this has been going on for decades. So they have hidden from lawmakers what the real failure to appear rates are. Metcalf says that simply put this makes it tougher for law enforcement to do their jobs.

“When you have failures to appear you are going to have unexecuted removal orders. That’s because you cannot find out where these people are because they have fled. This is a scandal,” Metcalf explained, adding that the impact on your safety because of all this could be "dramatic."

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