Stressful Living in Houston

Every city has its causes of stress and it doesn’t take long living in Houston to know what the number one cause of stress in this city is: traffic congestion.

Personal finance website WalletHub surveyed people in190 U.S. cities and finds no one else is quite as stressed over the daily commute as Houstonians.

Researcher John Kiernan crunched the numbers, and found besides the length of time it takes to get to the office Houstonians are stressed out by how much time they have to spend there.  “[Houston] came in at number one in traffic congestion, and believe it or not, it came in at number 12 in terms of average length of the work week, at 40 hours per week,” he says. 

Access to health care is another major source of stress for residents of the Bayou City.  “Houston ranked with the sixth lowest percentage with that, at about 75%.   It also came in poorly in terms of physical activity rate, which was about 67%, and share of adults reporting inadequate sleep,” Kiernan adds.

Get Wallet Hub’s full report here.

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