Gulf Oysters Get Help From Texas Company


Hurricane Harvey really did affect just about everyone, including seafood lovers. Harvey did a number on the oyster population in the Gulf and a Dickinson oyster producer is using private money to do something about it.

Raz Halili of Prestige Oysters, one of the nation's top oyster producers, says they laid down 10,000 tons of limestone for a new oyster reef.

"When those oysters spawn they're gonna have that limestone to attach to and grow; typically when an oyster spawns it'll swim around for a couple of weeks looking for a surface to attach to."

Halili says they do this every year and it's not cheap.

"This year we did, in total I don't know the exact number, but I know we it did reach over $1-million."

Halili says his company is the earliest part of the oyster food chain.

"Typically we will bring them in, wash and grade them, process them and then sell them to distributors; your Syscos, your mom and pop wholesalers that cater to the restaurants."

Halili says it also helps with the shrimp and crab population.

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