POLL: Has Wall Street become ‘Trump-proof?’

Wall Street, NYSE

Even with all the drama that surrounds President Donald Trump; the controversy he causes and the controversy that gets played up by the mainstream media, the stock market simply shrugs it off and keeps chugging along.

In fact the Dow Jones was up for the fourth straight day in the midst of the Helsinki fallout yesterday. You'd think investors would be nervous. But, Houston financial planner Richard Rosso says you wouldn’t be correct. And it's not just a Trump thing either.

“Wall Street is numb to most Presidents. People think that Presidents have a lot to do with how the stock market operates, but that is very far from the truth,” Rosso explained.

And this is all going on despite the issues that have come up with Russia, North Korea, and NATO. But there is one thing that has Rosso and other market watchers concerned. That is the issue of tariffs.

“This is somewhat unusual. There are times they don’t affect the population very much, and there are times when they affect things dramatically,” Rosso said, adding that this could have an impact on the economy down the road.

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