As Fuel Costs rise, expect Airfares to do the same

Charlie Leocha of says it used to be a given.

"In the old days whenever there was an increase in fuel costs, the airfares would go up automatically."

But Leocha says that now depends on where you're going; he says there are lots more options for international travel now.

"Norwegian Air, WOW Airlines, even Aer Lingus now is having low cost airfares back and forth."

But Texas travel agent Catherine Banks says if you're flying domestically, you may be trapped.

"When only a few players control all of the supply, prices increasing is exactly what you can expect; you learned it in economics 101."

Banks says travelers will always find a way to save a buck.

"If there is a cheaper option they will go with the cheaper option, even on an inferior product."

Oil prices have been rising for the past year; the price of jet fuel is up 55% over what it was a year ago.

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