A mid-life crisis: Not just for cars and affairs anymore

Family psychologist  Mary Jo Rapini says the new trend is Creativity.  “My mid-life clients are taking painting classes and learning to dance the tango!” She says learning something new is good for the brain.

The brain has a plasticity and we’re finding out the organ has the ability to evolve at all ages. If you’re not continuing to learn, especially if you’re over 45 year old, change what you’re doing!”

Dr. Rapini says dealing with the 40-something and 50-something “Is This All There Is?” doldrums by learning in a group atmosphere is also good for the heart – both physically and figuratively.

Dr. Rapini is sorry that her clients with lower educational backgrounds seem to want to use the Old Fashioned Method of a new car or a new date. She says learning and mixing with new people will make your next 30 or 40 years physically and mentally much more enjoyable.

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