Democrats have millions more registered than Republicans

In what could be a warning sign for conservatives, new numbers show Democrats have a big advantage when it comes to registered voters ahead of the midterms.

The exact number in states that require you to register with a party (Texas does not have that requirement) is 12 million. That is 12 million more Democrats registered voters than Republicans. U-H political scientist Brandon Rottinghaus trusts the numbers.

“These represent in a general way the thrust of what we might consider generic support for a party,” Rottinghaus said.

The University of Virginia's Center for Politics put these numbers together, and Crystal Ball Managing Editor Kyle Kondik told us this is not something to get worked up about as a Republican. At least not yet.

“I would not look at these numbers and think the Democrats have this big advantage nationally. If they did they would not have lost the last election,” Kondik stated.

And Rottinghaus says it's one thing to register to vote, but a completely different thing to actually cast your vote.

“Just because you are registered doesn’t mean you are mobilized to vote. There are dozens of factors that mobilize a person to vote,” Rottinghaus explained adding that just because you are registered in one party doesn’t mean you always vote for that party.

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