Are the positives of technology worth your privacy?

Amazon Echo

The upside of all the technology we rely on in our daily lives is that it helps to make our lives easier. But the downside is that we might just be giving away our privacy.

Think about it. There are always ears on you, especially if you have Amazon Echo or Google Home. And there are more gadgets coming that can talk to you and are programmed to listen for certain words. Cybersecurity attorney Shawn Tuma tells KTRH we made our bed with modern technology, but we might not like sleeping in it every night.

“We tend to want the conveniences without the responsibilities or downsides many times. It’s been like that we’ve cyber as a whole; we’ve been taking advantage of the benefits now for three or four decades,” Tuma explained.

And as for our privacy? Tuma says it's fading away.

“We have to know our situation, know that our information is being collected about us, and know there are certain places we shouldn’t have connected audio or video devices,” Tuma said, adding that privacy,  what we thought we valued most, is becoming a lost concept.

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