POLL: Double-Barrel Smart Phone in Production

A new handgun that looks like a cell phone is now in production and being shipped to gun dealers around the U.S.

Kirk Kjellberg is CEO of Minnesota-based Ideal Conceal, and says he wanted to give Americans a way to carry their self-defense tool discreetly.

"It's a .380 double-barrel Derringer pistol, a purely defensive weapon that when it's in the closed shape it takes on the outside appearance of a smart phone," he says.

He says the gun can safely be hidden inside a suit coat, pocket of scrub pants or on the hip.

"The handle actually covers the trigger, so you have an opportunity to set it off accidentally, you have to open that handle," says Kjellberg.

"I have a lot of interest from professionals because want to be able to protect themselves."

Kjellberg says he's also working with law enforcement to show them what the gun looks like and exactly how it works.


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