Mainstream media keeps ignoring good Trump economic news

The jobs report that just came out a week ago kept the good news coming for the Trump Administration. It’s too bad you didn’t hear about it from the mainstream media.

And when you did hear about it from the mainstream media, they tried to twist it and make it sound like the numbers were not as good as they really are.

“CNBC called it Goldilocks, which means it’s not too hot or cold. It’s just right. ABC ignored it and CBS gave it all of seventeen seconds,” Dan Gainor with the Media Research Center told KTRH News.

Gainor says NBC News was the only one giving you a substantive story on those numbers, and there's a simple reason why this is happening.

“The media don’t want to give Trump credit for anything. In fact, they are trying to say that he simply inherited the Obama economy,” Gainor explained.

And, Gainor says if we had seen those same numbers under President Obama, the mainstream media would have been telling you about it constantly.

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