Houston’s traffic problems highlighted in new survey

As you get set to sit in morning traffic, a new surrey is out ranking the top 100 cities when it comes to driving. Houston does not fare particularly well.

WalletHub has Houston 46th on its Top 100 list of best places to drive. Analyst Jill Gonzalez told KTRH in terms of Texas cities, Houston had more issues than others.

“Arlington and Austin were in the top fifteen. Fort Worth and Laredo were in the top twenty,” Gonzalez said.

Dallas and San Antonio had better rankings than we did, too. Tim Lomax with the Texas A&M Transportation Institute told KTRH we have our issues.

“The economic prosperity brings with it some down sides. One of those is the traffic issues that Houston has,” Lomax stated.

So what is the solution to this?

“We need more roads and more transit. We are going to need more capacity,” Lomax said.

Wallet Hub says Raleigh, NC is the best city to drive in, followed by Corpus Christi, Orlando, Greensboro, NC and Plano.

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