Using the same IP address could be another invasion of privacy

No more sneaking around--for good or bad—if you're searching online and sharing the same Internet Protocol (IP) address under the same roof.

The High Tech Texan Michael Garfield says businesses track "behavioral marketing" through our online activity with cookies.

But now you’re seeing pop-ups ads that are based on what others in your household are clicking on, on other devices, even under their own log-ins.

“Generally, you are on the same IP address, so it’s almost like the same telephone number. These ads are popping up on that same network,” said Garfield.

He said the difference in an office, is that every single computer usually has a completely separate IP address.

Garfield said if you're on the same Wi-Fi, what you’re searching for, say gifts for a loved, might no longer be a secret.

“You’re using one similar fire hose, if you will. You got one pipe coming into that house and you’re surfing, pretty much, on that same network,” said Garfield.

He said to get around this use a private browser and go "incognito". He doesn't believe you should block ads. But, you should be clearing your cookies at least once a month.

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