POLL: Hillary doing Hillary things, leading to 2020 speculation

Hillary Clinton

A familiar face is up to some familiar tricks when it comes to politics.

In the last month alone, there have been five emails going out talking up Hillary Clinton and her PAC's role in fighting President Trump. That's leading to speculation she might run for President in 2020. Matt Angle with the Lone Star Project told KTRH it's nothing more than speculation.

“There’s nothing to indicate she is thinking about running. Trying to create drama where it doesn’t exist is a waste of everyone’s time,” Angle said.

Travis County Republican Party Chairman Matt Mackowiak also isn't buying the speculation of a third Hillary Presidential run.

“I don’t think it’s likely given how bad the last race went and given the low enthusiasm for her candidacy among Democratic activists,” Mackowiak explained.

But, he says that if she were to run it would be because the Democrats are in panic mode.

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