Car fob safety VS aluminum foil

Here's a new use for your roll of aluminum foil. Store your car's key fob in it! That's what the internet says - so it much be true! It says the code can be copied and your car stolen!  Jerry Reynolds of The Car Pro Show says car companies foiled that opportunity a long time ago. 

“There was a time when the code to keyless car remotes could be copied, but auto manufacturers changed that long ago.  Now, every time you use your keyless fob, the code changes. So, even if you can steal the code when it’s used – it’s already obsolete.”

Sergeant Tracy Hicks of The Houston Police Department Auto Theft Division says, “I network with Police Auto Theft Departments all over the country and have for the 14 years I have been in the department. No one has seen a device that can copy a Key Fob Code Device.  

 Hope you feel safer. You can hear the Car Pro Show on KTRH this Saturday morning at 11. 

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