There’s an app for that!

Apps have become a way of life for every smart phone user.

Today is the 10th anniversary of the launch of the App store.

A year after the first iPhone was released, the Apple app store launched in 2008.

Reneka App Builder CEO Reva Verma said there wasn't one specific app that was released when the App store launched, but more like 500.

“So, as of 2018, for the first part, there’s about 3.8 million apps for Android users and about two million available apps on the Apple app store,” said Verma.

She said people socialize, work, play, order groceries, food, bank all through apps. It's how we communicate nowadays.

What’s the number one downloaded app?

“Despite all the problems Facebook has had this year, Facebook is still the number one most downloaded app. As of the first quarter this this year, it has been downloaded an estimated of 29.4 million times,” said Verma.

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