Expert: Get Kids Off Devices, Out of the House

Ditching electronic devices for real playtime activities can benefit your children 10 ways this summer, acccording to the American Association of Pediatrics.

"Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength, but unfortunately playtime continues to decrease for many children.," according to the AAP. "Make it a priority to ditch the devices and take advantage of free time this summer by promoting real playtime with the kids.

Parenting expert Florence Ann Romano, an author and ex-nanny, says play is important for both children and parents.

She shares some imaginative ideas for summer play:

--Create a neighborhood treasure hunt.

--Make a chalk town and a story behind it.

--Have a water party-sprinklers, slip and slide, water balloons and more.

--Create an outdoor obstacle course.

--Make puppets and put on a show for family and/or friends.

--Create puzzles and challenge each other to complete them.

--Play dress up and create personas for different outfits.

--Make a scavenger hunt for random items throughout the house.

--Create a story book out of drawings or paintings Have a cake decorating or pizza making party.

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