Democrats now openly embracing socialism

The left keeps going to extremes to make their points, and the Democratic Party itself now seems to be embracing those extremes.

And that extreme is socialism, especially with a self-described socialist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, winning a primary recently. The leader of the Democratic Party recently, Tom Perez, now says his base is excited about candidates like Ocasio Cortez.

“She represents the future of our party,” Perez stated.

Robin Armstrong with the RNC tells KTRH that Democrats embracing socialism good news for Republicans in the midterms.

“It’s not going to play in the South, Midwest, and most of the country,” Armstrong said.

But he also says this isn't really anything new for Democrats.

“I believe that Bernie Sanders might have won the nomination in 2016 had that election not been rigged,” Armstrong explained.

And conservative analyst Tomi Lahren told Fox News at least the Democrats are finally being honest.

“I’m happy they are finally being transparent. They want open borders. They want to abolish ICE. They want to abolish the rule of law,” Lahren said, adding this stance will only help Republicans win in the midterms coming up in November.

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