Cruz: Mexico's election could mean more illegal immigration

Liberals are applauding Mexican President-elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador victory.

However, while campaigning across the state, Senator Ted Cruz said the left-leaning politician had been running on an “anti-American campaign for a long, long time.”

He said Obrador has encouraged and will defend Mexicans to enter the United States illegally.

“Maybe this was just campaign rhetoric,” Cruz said. “But if we have another Fidel Castro on our southern border, that is going to be a problem.”

Immigration has been one of Cruz’s platforms while campaigning.

"Some congressional Democrats are arguing the solution is let everyone go – just don't detain adults who cross over illegally, and then you can keep the kids with their parents because you're letting everyone go," Cruz said.

Cruz says the old policies of "catch and release" are a mistake, they don't work and only cause more illegal immigration.

“The overwhelming majority of kids that are in custody right now are kids that have come over unaccompanied. In other words, they’re coming over, they’re little boys and little girls, that are coming over with drug traffickers and cartels,” said Cruz.

Last week, Cruz said Democrats and Republicans alike found troubling the images of children being separated from their parents on the southern border, which is why he proposed legislation that would, “double the number of immigration-related judges assigned to the border and speed up the process. Then, after a hearing, if it is determined there is no valid reason for someone to remain in this country, they are flown home. Families stay together throughout the process.”

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