Trump makes Supreme Court pick tonight

President Trump To Name His Pick For Supreme Court Justice Opening In Primetime Address

Tonight is the night we find out who President Donald Trump has selected to fill Justice Anthony Kennedy’s seat on the Supreme Court.

The President is reportedly down to four choices; Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, Thomas Hardiman and Raymond Kethledge. Josh Blackman at South Texas College of Law Houston tells KTRH the President really can't go wrong with any of them.

“All of the names are safe. There is no mystery. The only question is which one he chooses,” Blackman stated.

Whoever he picks will replace Anthony Kennedy, who was seen as the swing vote on the bench.

“Almost everyone on this list is more conservative than Justice Kennedy,” Blackman said.

And because of that the left is promising a fight and sees the issue of abortion as key. Democrats believe with this selection that fear Roe v. Wade will be overturned by a conservative court.

“I think it’s very unlikely that it’s overturned outright. What I think is far more likely is that the court might start upholding more restrictions on abortion,” Blackman explained adding that would be a win for Texas, which passes a tougher abortion standard in 2014.

Kennedy retires at the end of the month.

KTRH's LIVE coverage of President Trump’s Supreme Court pick starts tonight at 7pm (CST).

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