Trump is filling 17% of federal judge positions

All the talk on cable news is about the upcoming vacancy on the bench of the Supreme Court, but this President has been quietly going about changing the rest of the judiciary, too.

If you look at the number, 17% of all federal judicial positions are open. That's 142 open spots. But Former Harris County prosecutor Rachel Hooper tells KTRH Democrats in the Senate have been very slow to confirm Trump's nominees.

“He has nominated 134 men and women to the bench, and only 42 of those nominations have been confirmed,” Hooper explained.

The rate of confirmations is 30% behind the average pace of every President from Carter to Obama. But Hooper says at the end of the day, the changes to the judiciary will be what Trump is remembered for.

“This is Trump’s legacy. He is off to a good start in his nominations and who is being confirmed,” she stated.

And Trump’s Supreme Court pick to replace Anthony Kennedy is supposed to be announced on Monday.

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