Post-Harvey wildlife making their presence known

There are more critters out and about, some is urban sprawl, as well as part of Harvey’s affects.

People are getting out more and seeing all forms of wildlife pop up in places we’ve never seen them before. 

Texas Parks and Wildlife's—Houston Urban Wildlife biologist Kelly Norrid said Harvey's floodwaters caused a loss of vegetation.

“Maybe a certain area’s habitat was destroyed and animals are moving,” said Norrid. “Skunks, raccoons, possums, snakes, coyotes, white tail deer, are an issue throughout greater Houston.”

He said after Harvey, the biggest loss of wildlife were the Mexican free-tail bats occupying underneath the bridges.

Now, with more herbaceous growth comes new and more wildlife— even in the most urban areas.

“We have bobcats, coyotes, white tail deer and the typical—the possums, raccoons, squirrels, birds of all different types, snakes, lizards,” said Norrid.

He said animals around here are used to flooding. They'll seek higher ground. While we shouldn't be alarmed to see the wildlife, they'll be alarmed to see humans.


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