More Americans exercising, getting fatter


More Americans are exercising, but more are also getting fatter, according to Centers For Disease Control And Prevention health survey.

Exercise rates have increased from 21 percent to nearly 25 percent.

Obesity is up from 35 percent to about 37 percent.

UTHealth and UT Physicians obesity expert Dr. Deepa Iyengar said the good news is that obesity hasn’t increased that much.

“We know that we have an epidemic, we need to do something. Not only exercise, but it’s eating healthy that’s also very, very important when you follow a plan to lose weight,” said Iyengar.

So what gives? Why are we still fat?

“Exercise by itself doesn’t cause a significant weight loss. It has to be coupled with some dietary changes and a calorie deficit for it to be successful,” said Ivengar.

Being obese means you have a BMI of 30 or more.

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