It's Deja Vu all over again with another massive Data Breach

Another massive data leak could affect just about all of us. This time Exactis, a Florida-based marketing firm, was hacked.

Security expert Robert Siciliano says hackers have been very successful.

"At this point I would say that everybody probably has been hacked; if they haven't been they will."

This leak involved about 340 million records on a publicly available server.

"I guess the good news is it doesn't currently involve account numbers of any kind, credit card information, or Social Security numbers so that is the good news with this particular breach."

But Siciliano says the hackers got phone numbers, home addresses, email addresses and things like the number, age and gender of your children, your religion, whether you smoke, and what type of pet you own.

He says they'll be calling to see if they can trick you into giving them more information.

"Any time the phone rings, any time an email comes in it is very important to be cognizant of any requests for additional types of data so the bad guys aren't socially engineering, conning or scamming anyone."

Experts say there's no evidence yet anyone with malicious intent actually obtained the Exactis data.

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