Houston copes with holiday flooding

The rain was something forecasters knew would be coming for July 4th. What they didn’t know was coming was another round of flooding for the area.

But that is exactly what happened yesterday, causing a lot of July 4th celebrations to be cancelled around the entire Houston area.

That included, for the first time in its 31 year history, the Freedom over Texas concerts.

“For the safety of our work crews and our patrons we are closing the event site,” Susan Christian with the Mayor’s Office of Special Events said Wednesday afternoon.

But the fireworks show did go on as planned, and some of you told our TV partner Channel 2 this was a welcome sight.

“It’s cool, comfortable, a nice breeze and a beautiful night," Pattie Gauthier said.

But before that some areas got as much as ten inches of rain. Law enforcement dealt with a variety of calls, including many people who were stuck on roads with high water.

“This just goes to show that we are prepared in the event, God forbid, we have another Harvey,” Constable Alan Rosen with Harris County Precinct One said.

Some of you have been asking why we continue to see street flooding, and why improvements haven't been made since Harvey.

“We live in an area where our streets systems are part of the drainage system. When we get this kind of rain, the streets are going to flood,” Jeff Lindner with the Harris County Flood Control District explained.

The rain causing the West Fork of the San Jacinto to rise above flood stage into the morning hours today.

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