Conservatives and liberals finally find common ground

What we like the least are politicians.

A new Ipsos/USA Today poll asked Americans to rate a list of items on how they symbolized the best and worst of America. 

The 10 worst things about America:

1.       Politicians

2.       Nancy Pelosi

3.       Political Correctness

4.       Paul Ryan

5.       Donald Trump

6.       Kneeling during the national anthem

7.       Joe Scarborough

8.       Rachel Maddow

9.       Bankers

10.   Tucker Carlson

SMU political science professor Cal Jillson said issues like Supreme Court nominations, abortion, gay marriage, school prayer are resolved politically.

“Voters quickly jump over the idea that the pundits they disdain are the ones that they turn on to watch every evening and the politicians in Washington they sent there,” said Jillson.

Jillson explains political correctness represents a restraint on free speech.

“Worrying about how you refer to various kinds of surface, emotional responses to politics, rather than a thoughtful, intellectual response,” said Jillson.


1.       nurses were chosen as those who represent the best of America,

2.       Kindness to strangers

3.       The Founding Fathers, speaking English, school teachers (all tied)

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