The Future of Aging is Changing

As technology advances, prospects for increasing our longevity are good. 

“There has been an uptrend of people living well into their 80s based on new medications, new technologies, lifestyle and cultural changes and just cultural practices in medical care that have improved longevity,” says Geriatrics Physician Dr. Aimee Garcia. Not smoking is the lifestyle change with the most benefits.

“The amount of new smokers has decreased significantly. That will certainly impact the lower amount of coronary artery disease and vascular disease.”

Garcia believes lifestyle changes are as important as new treatments for heart failure.

“If we continue to research to figure out what impacts our lifestyle practices, that will greatly affect not only our longevity but also our quality of health – especially when we’re older.”

But think about it. We're living longer --- is that a good thing?  Technology and cultural changes are giving us more years, but spending a decade in an assisted living facility doesn't sound like much fun.  Dr. Garcia says to concentrate on developing better balance, body strength and don’t forget to keep exercising your brain and social skills. 

It looks like we’re going to be around for a while, doesn’t it?

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