Survey Shows We Can't Relax, Unplug From Work

New research show that too many of us simply aren’t taking off the time we need to relax and rejuvenate from work.

A Kimble survey of 1,200 worker nationally whose companies found that:

--47 percent had not used their full vacation time last year.

--More than 20 percent had more than five days of vacation banked.

Why so? The top three reasons given were:

--Having too much work to complete to take time off – 27 percent.

--Feeling pressured by an employer or manager not to take time off -- 19 percent.

--Fearing there will be too much work after returning – 13 percent.

Career coach Tracy Timm, author of “7 Fast-Start Strategies for Starting Something New,” tells Newsradio 740 KTRH that people need to get some perspective – and get some R&R – especially seeing how the survey suggests we’re welded to our devices:

--68 percent of us check work email before 8 a.m.

--50 percent of us check it while in bed.

--38 percent of us do it at the dinner table.

--44 percent of us check work email on vacation.




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