More DPS troopers on the road this July 4th

Drunk Drive

If you are out on the roads today, even in the rain, you’ll want to make sure you are driving by the book.

That's because law enforcement will be out with an increased presence through this July 4th holiday. DPS spokesman Richard Standifer tells KTRH it's not about catching anyone doing anything wrong.

“We are out here to keep people safe. That might seem boring, but it beats being in a crash,” Standifer said.

HHe says speeding is the number one problem he sees, and today's wet weather will make things worse.

“People don’t necessarily slow down like they would in slow and ice, so they carry their speed just a bit too fast,” Standifer stated.

DPS will also be on the lookout for seat belt violations DWI's and other infractions.

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