PODCAST: Cop injured in Santa Fe shootings speaks out

John Barnes, the Santa Fe ISD police officer injured on the day of the Santa Fe High School shootings is home from the hospital, and speaking out about what happened in May.  

Barnes told KTRH's Michael Berry he knew he had one chance to survive after getting shot. 

“I knew I wasn’t going to make an ambulance ride. I told them to get me on the helicopter. I knew I could relax once I was on the helicopter,” Barnes said.  

That gunshot wound kept him in the hospital for 33 days, and Barnes says he is still not where he needs to be physically. 

“The big question right now is my elbow. The bone was shattered. I’m going to a specialist in San Antonio this week,” Barnes told Berry. 

And he told Berry that Santa Fe ISD Assistant Chief Gary Forward is the real hero for saving his life. 

“Gary Forward saved my life. He did a great job. We both knew we had to calm down and take care of stuff and we did. Gary kept the shooter pinned down and got law enforcement over there. They kept him pinned down, and I do not believe anyone else was shot after I got hit. I was very happy we kept him pinned down. 

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