Amazon is looking for a few good Delivery Companies

If you've got ten grand and you like to deliver packages, Amazon has an offer for you. The online retail giant claims you can make up to $300,000 operating a fleet of 40 delivery vehicles.

Amazon's Dave Clark says the company has lots of ways to ship and it needs even more. 

"We're an all of the above supply chain; we use everything in order to meet our scale and to meet our needs and I don't see that changing in the future."

CNBC's Courtney Reagan says Amazon needs the help.

"Last year Amazon spent nearly $22-billion on shipping -- that's almost double the cost of what it spent two years prior."

Amazon also wants to lessen its dependence on the U.S. Postal Service after President Trump said Amazon's use of the mail has been a bad deal for the government.

Reagan says for ten thousand dollars you can start a delivery business and make up to 300-grand.

"The e-commerce giant is officially recruiting entrepreneurs who will be vetted by Amazon to ultimately run their own local delivery network of up to 40 vehicles."

Amazon says it'll spend a million dollars to recruit and help military veterans become delivery partners.

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