Texas Looks to End Voter ID Discussion

Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has upheld nearly all of Texas' political maps, the state is trying to wrap up its voter ID lawsuit.

The Fifth Circuit already upheld the voter ID law, but Texas wants to eliminate any possible return to federal oversight of its election laws.

"Right now the state is really not in danger," says Rocky Rhodes, professor at South Texas College of Law Houston.  "I think the state is really trying to make sure that all the loose ends are tied up so they can ensure there is not a likelihood they will be put under preclearance in the future."

The state is asking a federal judge in Corpus Christi to reconsider her findings that the voter ID law is discriminatory.

"With the changes Texas made to its photo identification law, I doubt very seriously that the Supreme Court is going to take that case, especially with a new justice coming onto the court," says Rhodes.

"I think the Supreme Court is going to deny cert, refuse to hear the case, which leaves the judgement of the Fifth Circuit undisturbed."

Texas emerged from federal elections oversight in 2013.

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