New poll shows good news for Republicans

US Republicans

With the midterm elections coming up in November, the mainstream media keeps talking about a blue wave. But they keep ignoring the success the economy has enjoyed under this President. That success, though is something you’ve noticed.

More Americans think the country is better off if the GOP keeps control of Congress. That is the result of a new poll from the All-America Economic survey. Political analyst Jim McGrath tells KTRH the results of that poll should not come as a surprise to you. You have more money in your pocket than you did before President Trump took office.

“The effects of that tax reform package are really starting to filter into the economy,” McGrath said.

Unemployment is also at its lowest since the year 2000. Regulations that were handcuffing business have been rolled back, and McGrath says it's important to remember people tend to vote for those who have helped them financially.

“If you care about your family you care about their future, economic prospects and security,” McGrath stated.

And there's another poll showing good news for Republicans.  A new poll from Axios says 72 percent of you believe that the mainstream media knowingly report false or misleading information.

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