Left in full meltdown mode

The left is in full freak-out mode this week. Between what’s happening at the border, and the fact that President Trump is getting to make a second Supreme Court Justice pick, the left, especially the mainstream media is losing their minds.

If you need evidence, just look at what some on the left think of you if you support the President.

“Those people who are supporting what he’s doing here are racists. Period,” Rob Reiner, the actor, told MSNBC.

And there's this from Zerlina Maxwell, a progressive pundit for MSNBC.

“Does that mean that we are going to be violent? No. But does that mean that Sarah Sanders can have a nice quiet dinner with her family when she is taking our tax dollars to implement this policy? I don’t think so,” she said.

Some think it could get violent like the Weather Underground bombings in the 1970's. Apostle Claver Kamau Imani of Raging Elephants says this shouldn't surprise you.

“This is what the left has always done. Their rhetoric has always been inflammatory,” he stated.

And that it always seems to happen when the left isn't in power.

“They are losing at the polls and at the ballot box. There’s been a reduction in power,” Kamau-Imani explained, adding they have a willing partner in the mainstream media.

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