Last of FEMA Hotel Rooms End for Harvey Victims

The last of the people on FEMA’s Hurricane Harvey Transitional Sheltering Assistance program are moving out of their motel rooms this weekend.

They have to be out by Sunday.

FEMA says the program was "a bridge to permanent housing for more than 54,000 households."

In the more than 10 months since Hurricane Harvey, TSA provided hotel rooms for 54,640 Texas households that evacuated their homes and could not return. FEMA reps also tried to help people make plans for long-term housing once rental assistance ended.

TSA is now ending the lodging for 707 remaining households -- who now must move out no later than Sunday.

"Any households in TSA that have not finalized their long-term housing plans have been referred to or are working directly with a disaster case manager to solidify a solution before Sunday," FEMA announced.

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