Jersey Village has a Coyote Problem

Residents of a Jersey Village neighborhood say coyotes in the area are getting to be a problem.  Several coyotes have been spotted in northwest Harris County recently, and one family's pet has been killed.

Residents of the Winchester Country subdivision say coyote sightings are not unusual, but they have increased in recent months.  White Oak Bayou passes through that part of northwest Harris County, providing ideal habitat for coyotes.

Lyndia Johnson tells our TV partner KPRC Channel-2 one coyote attacked her dog and her husband was able to stop it.

"On the way back from the run, he encountered a pack of coyotes, six or seven of them. Immediately, they ran after our Chihuahua... The chihuahua took off in fear again and all the coyotes gathered around him and tore him up, ultimately killing my Chihuahua."

Johnson fears the attacks will continue if nothing is done:

"We don't want to kill off the coyotes. We do want to see them protected, but at this point, me and my neighbors are all wanting to walk around with a gun, and that's not wise to do."

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