Today is national handshake day—germaphobes put on your body armor

Hand washing

First there was the fist bump, now some germaphobes are doing the elbow bump to avoid shaking hands.

The Healthy Humorist Dr. Brad Nieder says the average person comes in contact with 300 surfaces every 30 minutes, potentially contacting almost a million germs.

And then we shake hands.

“We’re touching surfaces that are contaminated, whether it’s the elevator button, or our very own cellphones or in airports the hand railings, the bathroom handle. You just can get away from them,” said Nieder.

A lot of people have germophobia and hate to shake hands, for a good reason.

“And, this poll, commissioned by Hibiclens, half the people said they don’t always wash their hands after blowing or picking their nose. And, even more people said they don’t wash their hands after they cough into their hands,” said Nieder.

Nieder says suck it up and shake hands today—on National Handshake Day.

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