This could be the year where younger generation rules the ballot box

 If younger generations actually go vote, they could be the majority of the voters in the November midterms.

It’s difficult to predict who will turn out to vote in the upcoming midterm elections, but The Pew Research Center finds that historically the Millennials or Gen Xers are not flooding the voting booth.

Texas Young Republicans Executive Director Chris Carmona said people will be surprised when they see a big uptick of the younger generation voting in November.

"One, you've never had this much energy. It's really pumping people not just to get involved in the advocacy level and taking to the streets and marching for certain things, but also they're organizing rallies and they're pushing people to vote," said Carmona.

The younger generations claim to be very active when speaking out about issues, but they have a tendency to not show up at the ballot box.

Carmona said they're not lazy, it's more an apathy factor: Why vote when they've been working on issues since college and still nothing has been done?

"Regardless of what you vote for, it's the same thing over and over. You've seen no action for the last five to 10 years on it, so why get involved anymore? Why vote when nothing changes," said Carmona.

He said more will turn out this year because of issues like immigration, criminal justice reform--cannabis usage for medicinal purposes, as well as younger candidates and some female candidates.

Carmona reminds us that this is also the last year for straight ticket voting.

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